Intelligent Screw Air Compressor

Direct driven, low speed main engine. High efficiency, low noise, low vibration, high reliability.

Direct driven, low speed main engine.

High efficiency, low noise, low vibration, high reliability.


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  • Zerlion low-pressure screw air compressor has played a full role in the power industry

    High reliability, ultra-low noise, energy saving, reducing production costs, and reducing carbon emissions. Whether it is a new investment or replacement of the existing screw air compressor, the exhaust pressure is 0.7-0.8 MPa, the low-pressure screw compressor will sav...

  • How does Zerlion test the performance of air compressor

    Measuring the compressor fad flow (free air delivery) is a challenging task. The fad measurement method adopted by the compressor manufacturer in the factory is usually limited by site conditions and is not feasible or applicable. However, this task is not difficult if appropriate flow measuremen...

  • Frequency conversion screw air compressor will also be loaded and unloaded frequently? How?

    Compared with the power frequency, the gas consumption of the frequency conversion compressor is adjustable, the start is smooth, and the gas supply pressure will be more stable compared with the power frequency, but sometimes the frequency conversion compressor, such as the power frequency compr...

  • Fault analysis and troubleshooting of detection system of screw air compressor

    one Cause analysis and troubleshooting of pressure detection system 1.1 oil filtration pressure detection system The detection position of the oil filter pressure detection system is on the high pressure side (bp4) and the low pressure side (BP3). The gas pressure is converted into an electrical ...

  • What’s the matter with the automatic start and stop of piston air compressor?

    How about buying foreign oil-free piston air compressor? Or domestic oil-free air compressor? With the same number of oil-free exhaust machines, foreign brands are more expensive than tens of thousands in China. Many air compressor customers will choose foreign countries. They think that domestic...